Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Massive Renovations!

Finally after months, I will not wake up and hearing all those *tung*tang*tung*tang* sound and Akademi Fantasia Version Indonesia behind my sister's bedroom's wall. And why is that? After 12th July, I will not be in the house for a month. Hopefully by then (i will come back during 1st day of puasa), the renovation-things will end [accoding to the schedule, all renovation-thing should end before puasa]....haih.. *finger-crossed*.

Oh-oh did I mentioned the Akademi Fantasia Version Indonesia? Oh yeah, it seems like all the workers here are having fun working here..Or shall I say, they are having a blast? I dont really know what are the real reason, but I know for sure they love to sing out loud every morning behind my sister's wall...*dang*..For nearly 2months I woke up by hearing those song [of course with a wicked face]

I'll patiently have to hear all the dangduts song version for ther est of 1 week! Im not really sure if they even know the existence of Redbox, Greenbox or even 'karaoke jamban'..hehehe..seems like they love to sing everywhere they go..Oh well...sukahati kaulah asal rumah I siap..Heeuuu~

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